Wed 10th Jul 2024

Singing through Grief: The Power of Poetry and Song

Sat 30th Sep 2023

A Roadmap for Grieving the End of a Relationship with Antonio Pascual-Leone

Thu 29th Jun 2023

Living Losses: Grief, Adoption and Children in Care

Tue 18th Apr 2023


Sat 3rd Dec 2022

Family Portraits: How Families Are Transformed by Grief (LIVE)

Sat 3rd Dec 2022

Grieving Complicated Relationships

Sat 3rd Dec 2022

Every Family Has a Story: Julia Samuel Virtual Book Launch

Fri 28th Oct 2022

Book Launch: When Words Are Not Enough (LIVE EVENT)

Sat 29th Oct 2022

Friendship, Memory + Grief: Making The Guy in the Luggage Rack

Thu 5th May 2022

Lost Property: Therapeutic Creativity and the Stuff of Grief

Mon 2nd May 2022

Children, Grief + Creativity

Sat 30th Oct 2021

What’s Your Grief? Models + Theories of Grief

Sat 30th Oct 2021

Robert Macfarlane: The Poetry + Music of Loss

Sat 30th Oct 2021

The Superhero’s Guide to Grief

David Kessler: Finding Meaning – The Sixth Stage of Grief

Thu 21st Oct 2021

Pillar 8 – Focusing

Tue 22nd Jun 2021

Pillar 1 – Relationships with Others (Including Those Who Have Died) 22 June

Tue 20th Jul 2021

Pillar 3 – Ways to Express Emotion

Tue 25th May 2021

David Kessler – May 25th 19:00-20:00

Julia Samuel on The Guilt Monster: Grief’s Complicated Sidekick

Sat 3rd Dec 2022

Siddharth Shanghvi: Grieving Multiple LossesĀ 

Robert Neimeyer: Finding Meaning in Grief

Liz Gleeson: What Grief Does to the Body

Julia Samuel: Creative Psychotherapy Tools for Grief

Sat 3rd Dec 2022

What Harry Potter Teaches us about Grief

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Life Partner

Julia Samuel on the Death of a Child