Sat 28th Oct 2023

Grief School: Loneliness + Losing Your Sense of Connection to the World

Mon 4th Dec 2023

Finding the Bereavement Support That’s Right For You: Grief Support Guide Launch

Thu 7th Mar 2024

Breathtaking: Dr Rachel Clarke Discusses Her New TV Series

Sat 29th Oct 2022

Continuing Bonds: The Model + How it Applies with Dr Edith Steffen (LIVE EVENT)

Thu 15th Sep 2022

Collective Grief with Julia Samuel MBE

Fri 6th May 2022

These Four Walls: Grief in The Pandemic – Premiere

Thu 3rd Feb 2022

Bereavement: Experiences of Carers, Family and Services

Sat 30th Oct 2021

Seeing Red: The Role of Anger in Grief with Julia Samuel

Sun 31st Oct 2021

Serious Illness: Grieving for a Life Interrupted

Thu 9th Sep 2021

Pillar 4 – Time

Thu 7th Oct 2021

Pillars 6 + 7 – Limits + Structure

Thu 4th Nov 2021

Pillar 9 – Integration (4 November)

The Pandemic Papers: Rachel Clarke on Fear, Courage + Crisis in the NHS

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Grief School: Stillbirth

The Dual Process Model of Grief